Empowering you through mind-body exercise. What is mind-body exercise?  It’s an approach to wellness that asks you to be here, now, in your body, using your whole focus to challenge, strengthen, heal, and enjoy each moment.

Shuriu demonstrating a simple twist and pull leaning back on the GYROTONIC® bench pulley tower.  Photo:  Michael Burr


In the active mind-body exercise forms of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Pilates, stretch, foot fitness, and dance conditioning you change your body through steady discipline and practice.   Mind-body exercise systems have a layered effect:  the more you apply yourself, the more you get out of each system.

Tendon stretch on the Pilates wunda chair.  Photo:  Michael Burr


Through consistent and regular sessions, you build awareness of how your posture and movements affect the way you feel in your body.  Each time you practice your homework, attend a group class, follow a dvd, or workout during a private/semi-private session, you grow through conscious direction of breath, movement, alignment, and core challenges.  In each system, you can overcome muscle imbalances and cultivate your mind and body to feel your best.

Stretching the back during a Thai Yoga massage session.  Photo:  Michael Burr


In the passive mind-body exercise forms of Thai yoga massage (or “nuad” in Thai) and meditation, you can also transform yourself through consistent practice.  Thai yoga massage can break down scar tissue, correct muscle imbalances, and achieve its ultimate purpose:  to keep your body supple and agile so that it can move with ease and grace.  Meditation deepens your mind-body exercise practice by helping you detach from preconceptions and other limitations that can sometimes waste your energy and focus.



Strengthening the whole body on the GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board.        Photo:  Michael Burr




Shuriu Lo approaches each client from the perspective of empowering the client to take care of his or her own well-being.  Shuriu teaches people who want to manage their own health through the tools of the GYROTONIC® exercises, Pilates exercises, Thai Yoga massage, stretching, dance conditioning, and foot fitness.  Each system builds awareness in the client of how his or her body operates, how each person’s body has its own particular patterns of misalignment or biomechanical inefficiency.  This can all be changed through steady practice.


GYROTONIC® exercises can sometimes feel like a massage to the spine and body. Here a GYROTONIC® instructor arches on the GYROTONER®.  Photo:  Michael Burr























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