Shuriu Lo

Shuriu hanging in the GYROTONIC® Archway (photo: Michael Burr)

Shuriu Lo teaches her clients how to cultivate body awareness.  The more her clients understand their bodies and habits, the more they can take responsibility for their own health and well-being.  Learn to fix your own body by scheduling a session today.

While Shuriu enjoys many forms of movement and exercise she is particularly keen to assist people in moving better and with less pain.  To that end, Shuriu has no desire to impose a particular exercise system on clientele.  She happens to enjoy the systems in which she is certified, the dancing and other movement practices in which she engages but revels in the fact that everyone enjoys different kinds of exercise.  So long as individuals learn the best possible alignment, centering (core control), breathing and movement strategies for their own unique bodies, Shuriu happily supports them in their preferred exercise forms — within reason*.  (*No more jumping and landing on knees for former modern dancers that were twenty-one in the late 1980’s, when that was the thing to do!)   There are many valid and possible movement strategies that can help individuals move better.

Clients that study privately with Shuriu, receive all of her training palette as applicable to their needs. In group class settings, clients receive exercise training within the specific system and with the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization lens of optimal respiration and optimal alignment.

Shuriu is certified in GYROTONIC® Level I, GYROKINESIS® Level I, the GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit, the GYROTONER®, the GYROTONIC® Archway, and the GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board.  She offers GYROTONIC® Level I Pre-Training courses as an Authorized Pre-Trainer under Master Trainer Dawn Swatchick.

For those who want to know specifics, Shuriu took her GYROTONIC® Level I Foundation course with Lisa Marie Goodwin and did her final examination with Juliu Horvath in 2001.  She took her GYROKINESIS® Level I course with Juergen Bamberger and did her final examination with Juliu Horvath in 2003. She has taken the GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit course twice, first with Sebastian Plettenburg in 2005 and again with Donna Place in 2009.   Juergen Bamberger taught her GYROTONER® course in 2005 and Donna Place the GYROTONIC®Archway, course in 2009.  She went to San Francisco Gyrotonic and took the GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board course and the GYROTONIC® Level II Prep Course with Debra Rose in 2006 and 2007 respectively.  She  has been a GYROTONIC® Level I Authorized Pre-Trainer under master trainer Donna Place from 2003-2005, and under master trainer Dawn Swatchick from 2006 to the present.  She continues to study with Dawn Swatchick, Donna Place and Alicia Head.  She has taken two GYROTONIC® exercise applications in a physical therapy setting with Paul Horvath which focused on herniations in spinal discs and shoulder girdle dysfunction.

Shuriu teaches side-lying leg lifts during an intermediate Pilates mat class    (Photo:  Michael Burr)


In PILATES, Shuriu certified on all pilates apparatus and mat exercises with a specialty in dance conditioning through kinesiologist Karen Clippinger, MSPE and Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI).  She also certified in pilates mat essentials with Karen Shanley who created the pilates certification program at Orange Coast College.  She advances her understanding of biomechanics by studying Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).  Shuriu is a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer after taking DNS Exercise I with Petra Valouchova (2015) and Martina Jezkova (2016), DNS Exercise II with Martina Jezkova (2016), and DNS Exercise III with Dr. Pavel Kolar and Zuzana Suzan (2016).  She has also taken the DNS Introduction to Pilates with Martina Jezkova, Lily Lubin-Baker, Marisa Myer, and Chris Lavalle (2016) and studies privately with Marisa Myer.

Shuriu encourages her clients to grow their skill level through regular practice and this is supported in part through her weekly DNS workshop and her mind-body exercise DVD series.

Shuriu teaching the Simple Twist and Pull Leaning Back on the Gyrotonic Bench Pulley Tower (photo: Michael Burr)

Shuriu first encountered pilates mat exercises under ballet and modern dance instructor Katherine Steadman.  After a severe groin tear, Shuriu completed physical therapy rehabilitation and began training as a client for three years at Long Beach Dance Conditioning to properly avoid injuries through the biomechanical fine-tuning and neuromuscular re-education of pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise.  At LBDC, she primarily studied with Christine Wilson, Alicia Head, and Lisa Marie Goodwin.  She continues to study the GYROTONIC® exercise system with Alicia Head, Dawn Swatchick and Donna Place.

Shuriu stretches the spine during a sidelying Thai Yoga Massage session. (photo: Michael Burr)

With Thai Yoga Massage, Shuriu studied extensively with Thai Massage Master Daniel Carr and is certified by him to treat structural injuries with Thai Yoga Massage since 2006.  She continues to refine her technique through an ongoing apprenticeship with him.

During a dance rehearsal, Shuriu stretches her external rotators. (photo: Michael Burr)

Shuriu obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Dance with an emphasis in modern dance from Brigham Young University.  She founded, directed, choreographed for, and performed in several dance collectives:  Jigsaw Dance Collective, Ione Dance, and most notably with Los Angeles based avant garde jazz and microtonal musician-composers the avant garde Auricle Ensemble.  Shuriu danced for several seasons with Impulse Improvisational Dance Theatre, Metropolitan Ballet Company, the classical Cambodian dance troupe Khmer Arts Academy, Sarah Swenson Vox Dance Theatre, and other Los Angeles dance companies.  She performed in the live-feed films of Carole Kim and continues to choreograph for ballet and modern dance.  Since 2010, she has been studying Orlando Paiva’s Tango Elegante style of Argentine tango with Martin & Alyssa Vaccaro and ballet with Alicia Head, GYROKINESIS® master trainer and owner of Up studio.

Metropolitan Ballet Company performing the Grand Finale in Shuriu’s staging of “The Midsummer Night’s Dream.”   June 2010    (photo: Michael Burr)

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