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Shuriu Lo has danced since she was 12 years old.  This section will archive her dance work in journalism, dance companies, and dance studies when she gets time to put up some footage, photos, & dance journalism.  Mostly what takes up her time is dancing and exercising when not working.

Argentine Tango, 2009 — present day.  Shuriu began dancing Argentine tango in November 2009 with Silvia Askenazi.  With Martin Vaccaro & Alyssa Pan, she has studied the Tango Elegante style created by Orlando Paiva, Sr. since September 2010.

Classical ballet, from 12 years old — present day.  Shuriu studies ballet with GYROKINESIS® master trainer Alicia Head.  She had the good fortune in finding the support and fellowship of ballet dancer Monique Delhaye of Dance West dance studio throughout her main modern dance company years.  It would not have been possible to have any longevity in dance outside of the university system without Monique and her support through all those years.

Khmer Arts Academy, 2003-2006.  Classical Cambodian dance under Neak Kru Sophiline Cheam Shapiro.

Auricle Ensemble, 2000-2004.  Founded, directed, and funded by Shuriu

Ione Dance, 1998-1999.  Co-founded and co-directed by Shuriu Lo, Del Leon, and Yvette Wulf

Jigsaw Dance Collective, 1996-1998.  Co-founded and co-directed by Shuriu Lo and David Calderon

various companies, including Dance Department companies at Brigham Young University, where Shuriu obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance.


"Canto" from "Five Women in Chiaroscuro" choreographed by Shuriu Lo (left) with Quilet Rarang (right) and Meg Glaser (hooded).  Photo:  Anthony Cheng

“Canto” from “Five Women in Chiaroscuro” (200) choreographed by Shuriu Lo (left) with Quilet Rarang (right) and Meg Glaser (hooded). Photo: Anthony Cheng

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