Shuriu conducts a GYROTONIC® session with a pregnant client

GYROTONIC® exercises help you develop your body to its fullest potential.  As we age, we lose the natural suppleness in our bodies that animals and children have.


Spiraling the spine and arching the back on the GYROTONER®.           Photo:  Michael Burr

Gyrotonic Archway Sidearch Long Beach













Side-arching inside the GYROTONIC® Archway unit.

By doing GYROTONIC® exercises regularly, all your body systems attain a healthier state.  You will move with greater ease and grace.  You will feel more connected to your body.  It will feel like your own body again.

GYROTONIC® Archway Long Beach

The seedcenter comes from the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.  In the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, the “seed center” refers to the center of the body from which all movements originate, are anchored, and/or expand. It is the source of energy and vitality.

GYROTONIC® Teacher Long Beach

Shuriu assists a client in working the hamstring muscle on the GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit.  This may look like “hamstring curls” from conventional resistance training, but with the GYROTONIC® approach to this exercise, elongation, eccentric contraction, and centrated joints are emphasized and encouraged.

Shuriu also teaches GYROKINESIS® the mat form of exercise from which GYROTONIexercises originated.

From a more clinical perspective, Shuriu considers GYROTONIexercise the best methodology for teaching disassociation and for mobilizing fascial planes.  Because the emphasis is on movement without joint restriction, the challenge lies in teaching the client stabilization while creating internal contrast and expansion.  But also because the emphasis lies in free motion, GYROTONIexercise allows force load transfer across kinetic chains in ways that develop healthier movement patterns.

If you are a healthcare provider reading this and trying to determine whether or not GYROTONIexercise is right for your patient, then consider whether or not you would recommend your patient swim.  If your answer is yes, then GYROTONIexercise is like swimming on land.  If your patient needs greater proprioceptive support and the stability of “dry land” workouts, then your client will not be ready for GYROTONIexercise at this time.


GYROTONIC® Class Long Beach

Shuriu with a client back leg pedaling on the GYROTONIC® bench pulley tower


Available as semi-private (2 people) and private sessions, DVD/VHS GYROKINESIS® workouts, group GYROKINESIS® mat classes, group bench-pulley tower classes (3-4 people), and as special introductory workshops.

GYROTONIC® Huntington Beach

Spiraling with the boomerang on the GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit


For those who want to know specifics, Shuriu took her GYROTONIC® Level I Foundation course with Lisa Marie Goodwin and did her final examination with Juliu Horvath in 2001.  She took her GYROKINESIS® Level I course with Juergen Bamberger and did her final examination with Juliu Horvath in 2003. She has taken the GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit course twice, first with Sebastian Plettenburg in 2005 and again with Donna Place in 2009.   Juergen Bamberger taught her GYROTONER® course in 2005 and Donna Place the GYROTONIC® Archway course in 2009.  She went to San Francisco Gyrotonic and took the GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board course and the GYROTONIC® Level II Prep Course with Debra Rose in 2006 and 2007 respectively.  She  has been a GYROTONIC® Level I Authorized Pre-Trainer under master trainer Donna Place from 2003-2005, and under master trainer Dawn Swatchick from 2006 to the present.  She continues to study with Dawn Swatchick and Donna Place and occasionally has private sessions with master trainer Leslie Schickel in San Francisco.  She has taken two GYROTONIC® exercise applications in a physical therapy setting with Paul Horvath.  Shuriu has also taken the GYROTONIC® Specialized Course Psoas Principles with Master Trainer Juergen Bamberger (2015) and the GYROTONIC® Specialized Course Principles Applied to Dynamic Trunk Stabilization with Master Trainer Rita Renha (2017).


Gyrotonic Jumping Stretching Board_ Playful Mermaid

Stretching like a Playful Mermaid on the GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board.     Photo:  Michael Burr



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