Current Rates

(last modified 02-16-2018)

Rates 2016 onwards

*******Introductory offer for new clients:  THREE 1-hour sessions for $180*******  This offer cannot be applied exclusively to Thai yoga sessions.

A private session is a one-on-one session.  There are often other people in the studio at the same time, so it isn’t a session with exclusive use of the studio space.

A discount rate is sometimes offered in cases of financial difficulty — such as for students, school teachers, and dancers.  We are unable at this time to offer deeper discounts but recommend, if pricing is a factor, inquiring with local GYROTONIC® Master Trainers and local Pilates training schools for local apprentices (future instructors who have completed training courses but have not completed the full certification process) who usually offer lower-priced sessions.

A semi-private session is two clients with one instructor.

A 30-minute session begins and ends on time.  These are very intense sessions that require focused participation from the client from start to finish.  In cases of young children and frailty due to age, the sessions are more relaxed and paced to match the attention span of the child or the stamina and needs of the client.  But for the average 30-minute session client, prepare to do between one to five exercises thoroughly.  Have your smart phone ready to record your homework.  If you are looking simply for a workout, we recommend group classes that last one hour instead.

A Thai yoga massage session is a one-on-one therapeutic session.  Please see Shuriu’s Thai Yoga page for further information.

A Group Class is only 3 people per class in Long Beach and only 4 people per class in Huntington Beach.