Thai Yoga

Thai yoga session. Photo: Michael Burr

Thai Yoga uses a combination of pressure point manipulation and stretching techniques to facilitate a systematic treatment for all kinds of chronic pain and sports injuries.  Thai Yoga can also reduce stress by removing energy blocks in the muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints, and internal organs.  While after the session the recipient feels greater comfort and ease in movement, the actual Thai Yoga session can be challenging as the blockages are released.  By releasing the nervous system, the body can relax into a position of healing itself.  In the Thai Medicine system, the ideal body has the suppleness of a young willow tree; Thai Yoga assists in maintaining or achieving that ideal.

Available only as private sessions.  60-minute site-specific sessions and 1.5 – 2.5 hours for comprehensive sessions.

Thumb technique allows for deeper therapy to be performed along the energy lines. Photo: Michael Burr

Point Pressure shown with traditional Thai yoga thumb technique.Western forms of bodywork find this thumb position controversial, however, it is correct and in fact desired in Thai yoga technique to open up the body along the “sen” or energy lines.

Palming the shoulder. Photo: Michael Burr

Palming the shoulder, such as on the shoulder, prepares the body for the yoga stretches that follow or for the deeper therapy that breaks up scar tissue and muscle tension.

Stretching the kalathree sen (energy line). Photo: Michael Burr

This ancient and beautiful art of health and well-being was created by the Lord Buddha’s physician, Shivagakomarpaj.  Thai Yoga utilizes a combination of pressure point manipulation and stretching techniques to facilitate a comprehensive treatment for all types of chronic pain and sports injuries.  Thai Yoga can also be used as a stress-reduction treatment in aiding complete relaxation of the body.

Thai Yoga can provide improved athletic performance through specific flexibility enhancement techniques.

Thai Yoga Massage works on the muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints, as well as the internal organs. It affects the whole body as one organic unit.

Thai Yoga also includes nervous system peripheral stimulation therapy as found in Chinese acupuncture, Shiatsu, and hand and foot reflexology, all of which deal with balancing the flow of energy (prana, ki, chi) within the body. This sort of emphasis in bodywork serves the purpose of releasing the nervous system so that body can relax into a position of healing itself.

When parts of your body are locked into permanent spasm, it is impossible to heal completely. Most injured people don’t realize it, but their nervous systems have locked many of their injuries into permanent spasms that never release. Most people’s bodies are asymmetrical as a result of these unreleased contractions.

Thai Yoga can unlock these permanent spasms, freeing up the body to move back to a place of balance.



Thai Yoga massage session. Photo: Michael Burr

“I had weekly sessions with Shuriu for several months in 2007.  I had a severe osteoarthritic left hip which made it difficult for me to walk or sleep.  Each week I would come to see Shuriu and would ask her to use Thai Yoga with me.  My body was so knotted up and tense each week and it was such a relief to walk out each week with flexibility and the knots gone. I have finally corrected my arthritic hip with surgery but I am convinced that had I not had this treatment available to me that I would have been unable to walk.  I look forward to working with Shuriu in the future to see how much this method can help me now that I have the potential to do more.  She is amazingly gifted and you will get big results after one session.”

— Janeen Cunningham, Newport Beach, CA

Massaging the hand and stretching the fingers during Thai Yoga massage. Photo: Michael Burr


“Shuriu has successfully trained with me in understanding how to treat injuries and increase flexibility in clients using Thai Massage.  She has a gift as a healer, a rare combination of attention to detail and excellence in technique with the power to deliver it in a meaningful way.  In particular, her understanding of therapy in the “Side Position” of Thai Massage is enough to provide successful treatment to almost any structural situation.  You would be hard-pressed to find a Thai Massage therapist in Thailand who understands the treatment of injuries as well as Shuiru does.”
— Daniel Carr,


Shuriu stretches the client’s inner thigh during a Thai Yoga massage session. Photo: Michael Burr


For years I have had tightness in my lower back, pelvic and hip area.  After taking Shuriu’s Thai yoga treatment and stretch class, I was amazed at the flow of energy from head to toe.  My hips felt loose and relaxed.  Thank you, Shuriu!

– Sandy Bird, Long Beach, CA

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