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Shuriu teaching core foundation exercises

Shuriu teaches Pilates core stability foundation exercises to a group of dancers.  Photo:  Michael Burr

I’ve only worked with Shuriu for less than a month, and I already feel an improvement! I’ve had hip problems for more than 2 years; before I saw Shuriu it got to the point where I could no longer walk, sit, or stand for more than a minute. After working with Shuriu, I have been able to walk for hours before feeling any pain.

I have seen multiple physical therapists, and although she does not take the “traditional” medical approach, Shuriu has been the most helpful. The exercises she has given to me feel as if they’re tailored to the imbalances in my body; instead of giving me general exercises, she gives me exercises that target very specific muscles that are weak in my body that have been ignored by physical therapists.

Shuriu is extremely knowledgeable about the body, and of course, healing the body! Shuriu understands the dancer’s body, especially its muscular strengths and weaknesses. As I have danced for 11 years, her knowledge of the dancer’s body has been incredibly helpful to me and she has thus been able to treat my body better than my old physical therapists have.

– Michelle Tio, Berkeley, CA


Shuriu teaching precise Pilates alignment

Shuriu reviews common bad habits we have while standing. Photo: Michael Burr

Shuriu L. understands the body, its movement, and function, better than anyone I have met whether a medical professional, physical therapist, or exercise professional. Her understanding of my neuromuscular disease allows a steady increase in strength and balance with out ever pushing me beyond the limits of my disease. Life is better because of her help.

– Mike Vaccaro, Long Beach, CA


Pilates plank precision

Shuriu demonstrates precise alignment of the elbows in Pilates plank position. Photo: Michael Burr

….Both I and my husband started GYROTONIC® exercise with Shuriu over two years ago. The difference in our bodies’ mobility and flexibility is astounding. We originally started to help with our golf swings and not only have we seen improvement in our swings (I went from a 32 handicap to a 21 handicap) but we feel better with increase in energy and endurance. Our core muscle strength has improved beyond belief. The increase in core muscle helps our stature and posture improve. I find I can’t wait to attend my GYROTONIC® session or to use the mat knowledge to help after stressful days or long trips. This exercise regime will always be a part of our exercise program.

– Billie and Phil Dauk, Huntington Beach, CA


Pilates cross-train ballet Shuriu

Shuriu cross-trains in Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise to sustain her love of ballet. Photo: Greg Perez

I strained my posterior cruciate ligament in my left knee during dress rehearsal this summer.  After months of physical therapy, I still didn’t feel ready to take class again, even though my physical therapist had cleared me for dance again.  After working with Shuriu on my core, I started to feel strong enough to take barre for longer and longer periods without getting nervous about re-injuring my knee.  I know I’m headed in the right direction to enjoy moving again!

– Anthony Cortez, Huntington Beach, CA

Shuriu ballet tendu derriere

Regularly doing her GYROTONIC® exercises helps Shuriu point her foot in ballet tendu derriere. Photo: Greg Perez


My greatest passion in life is dance.  Last year, I lost ALL feeling and sensation in my big left toe.  Being a dancer, this terrified me that I could not feel the floor when I did a tendu, let alone going onto pointe.  After a month, my toe went completely blue and I had crippling pain from the toe, through the arch and up the inside of my left leg.

In panic, I ran to a foot and ankle “specialist” (medical doctor) who literally “checked me” and walked out saying, “It happens sometimes.  You’ll learn to live with it!”  Then he gave me a prescription for a physical therapist for “hammer toes.”  I cried in his office and he patted me on the knee and said there was nothing else he could do.

Devastated to the core of my being, I sought alternative methods.  My toe was now turning blue and I had trouble walking.  I saw a podiatrist because 2 corns had now developed overnight due to the way I was now walking.  He noticed the Achilles tendon was tight and also injected a solution to help with the pain in my ankle so I could walk, let alone perform!  The corns went away but I still could not feel ANY sensation AND it also started to tingle constantly.

By now, Shuriu Lo had been telling me to see an acupuncturist she knew, [Erin Holloway], as well as to develop my core muscles so I could be more stable.  In one acupuncture treatment, my toe regained color and the tingly numbness was decreased by half!  I couldn’t believe it!  I had also decided to see the physical therapist who ALSO said I did NOT have a “hammer toe” problem.  He did conclude that the problem was in the “FHL tendon” [flexor hallicus longus] and used a weekly dose of deep tissue massage and ultrasound.  He also had me using tape to support the arch daily.  I actually left without pain walking for the first time in months!

Once the pain management was under control, I began to see Shuriu Lo once a week.  She spent some time assessing my needs and listening to my journey to that point.  She was able to develop a pilates and dance conditioning program that within 2 months has changed the way I dance so dramatically that others have made comments.  “You’re so lifted.”  “Your pirouettes are amazing!”  They have even questioned that 8-9 months ago that I was THAT crippled.

I have been dancing ballet now for 27 years and have always struggled with upper body and core strength.  People always said I had beautiful feet but it was as if that was it.  Nothing I did at the gym or at home mattered.  My upper body always felt lacking aesthetically.

What amazes me most is dow diverse the program is and with good technique it takes so little to get such amazing results.  Each session is VERY focused and targeted to my needs.  Shuriu is so positive of my progress and is excellent at explaining or showing exercises in multiple ways.  As a dancer/choreographer herself, she knows what will help me with class and eventually my performances.

For the first time I am seeing benefits to this type of cross-training that continue to develop rather than ease off or stop showing results.  THANK YOU!

— Kathleen S., Long Beach, CA

Pilates dance precision alignment posture

Shuriu reviews common ways we misalign our bodies while standing. Photo: Michael Burr


I now love Pilates with Shuriu.  Other instructors have hurt my neck, but not in this class.  ShuRiu is very knowledgeable about injuries and is highly conscientious that eveyone perform at the appropriate level.  My yoga and kick boxing have improved from working out with her.  As a health care provider myself, I can highly recommend her.  The Thai yoga is not for wimps, but I certainly have benefited.  My previous injury is better…check it out!

– Erin Holloway, Gardena, CA


Pilates precise spine quadriped

Shuriu teaches neutral spine in Pilates quadriped position. Photo: Michael Burr

…I love exercising with Shuriu so much that now I’m trying to sample every class she offers. I’ve taken Pilates with other instructors elsewhere, but nobody compares. I really appreciate her attention to my form and my ability, and it makes a big difference in my workout and what I learn. She jokes that she has X-ray vision and can see muscles through clothes, and I believe her! She gently modifies my posture and always explains so well that it’s really easy to understand and improve. I recommend her to all my friends!

-Cheryl Jung, Long Beach, CA


Core stability Pilates exercise Shuriu Lo

Shuriu Lo teaches Heather Ramm precise core foundation exercises to stabilize her flexibility while dancing ballet. Photo: Michael Burr

Pilates with Shuriu Lo is very relaxing but my favorite is her Thai Yoga massage.  Before my last visit with her I had a horrible headache and after my massage I left feeling wonderful!  She was able to get to all of the tight spots in my back.  I loved it!

– Heather Ramm, Long Beach, CA


Shuriu Thai yoga supple hip flexor

Shuriu stays supple through Thai yoga massage. She stretches her hip flexor here during a dance rehearsal. Photo: Michael Burr


….I’ve enjoyed my sessions with Shuriu very much. She offers a wide range of body awareness through GYROTONIC® exercises, Pilates, and mat pilates. She worked with me while pregnant, and post-pregnancy, and my body feels great!

– Allison Rath, Long Beach, CA

Shuriu stretches deep rotators

Observing a dance rehearsal, Shuriu stretches her deep rotators while waiting for her turn. Photo: Michael Burr

….I have been working with Shuriu for approximately one year. When I started I had tendonitis in both arms and a very strained right wrist. I was also having problems with sciatica and was walking incorrectly mainly utilizing and outside of my feet. Upper and lower back pain was also a frequent problem.

….Shuriu Lo is a very disciplined, talented, and proficient person who is totally dedicated and thorough in her work. She continually strives and searches for answers for her clients problems.

….Working with Shuriu utilizing GYROTONIC® exercise and Pilates has helped me in several ways. First, I have no tendonitis and my wrist has been healed. I have learned to use my core muscles and to use other muscles (inner leg and foot), and have corrected my walk. I no longer have sciatica. In addition to all this I now know several ways I can continue to help myself if difficulties should arise and can do my own maintenance. In short, my experience with Shuriu, GYROTONIC® exercise and Pilates has been invaluable. Being a pianist and a piano teacher I can now continue my playing and teaching.

– Sue Lewis, Long Beach, CA


Shuriu Foot Fitness release class

Shuriu teaches Carolyn Sery foot self-massage at the end of a group Foot Fitness classe circa 2006. Photo: Glenn Koenig

I definitely have greater range of fluid motion from the Friday [pilates core strength and pilates intro] classes. When I am taking Shuriu’s classes, I feel such a positive feeling of being centered and when I move, I feel increased strength. My body flows more with ease, when I walk. The foot class helped me stand for extended periods with less pain. My benefits from your classes are very pronounced. After last Friday, I noticed I released so much compression of vertebrae, joints and muscle, I felt like I could breathe differently and my posture was totally relaxed. It was an amazing release of tension. One of the benefits, I am really excited about is the improvement of my breathing! As a singer and a tennis player, breathing has been something I am very aware of. It seems there is a new dimension in my lung capacity. It’s like when I used to fly to Minnesota or San Francisco and would get off the plane and feel the ability to take a deep breath, without trying. Thank you for having the knowledge to share this method.

– Carolyn Sery, Long Beach, CA


Shuriu Thai Yoga massage

Shuriu listens to the sen lines of the body during a Thai Yoga massage session circa 2009. Photo: Michael Burr

I have been working with Shuriu Lo for problems with scoliosis and my hip.  She is a very gifted, sensitive and wise trainer particularly in the areas of gyrotonics, thai yoga and a general understanding of the movement of the body and how it is all connected.  I no longer limp, walk straight and feel like a new, younger person.

I had weekly sessions with Shuriu for several months in 2007.  I had a severe osteoarthritic left hip which made it difficult for me to walk or sleep.  Each week I would come to see Shuriu and would ask her to use Thai Yoga with me.  My body was so knotted up and tense each week and it was such a relief to walk out each week with flexibility and the knots gone. I have finally corrected my arthritic hip with surgery but I am convinced that had I not had this treatment available to me that I would have been unable to walk.  I look forward to working with Shuriu in the future to see how much this method can help me now that I have the potential to do more.  She is amazingly gifted and you will get big results after one session.

— Janeen Cunningham, Newport Beach, CA


Shuriu hip release foam roller

Shuriu releases a tight hip muscle during a ballet rehearsal circa 2008. Photo: Michael Burr

For years I have had tightness in my lower back, pelvic and hip area.  After taking Shuriu’s stretch class, I was amazed at the flow of energy from head to toe.  My hips felt loose and relaxed.  Thank you, Shuriu!

– Sandy Bird, Long Beach, CA

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